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Mijikenda women’s documentary workshop

Coastal women from the Mijikenda community participated in a documentary workshop to share their stories about violent extremism. In recent years the violence between Kenya and Somalia has escalated due to Al-Shabaab Al Mujahedeen, a jihadist fundamentalist organization based in East Africa. The movement exerts a traumatic influence among rural communities where many of the Mijikenda participants reside.


Sharing Their Stories

Song of Loss

The workshop reminded us about the past the things we experienced with violent extremism. These weren’t good experiences but sharing, talking about it made it easier. Being in a community where women like me, i.e, are not educated enough, other women admired what we were doing, seeing us taking the short clips of the videos and pictures. I love the fact that it’s women who are working in the field of men, so it’s women empowerment. … I would love to teach other women how to take pictures and videos.


Fatma Shaffy


I was surprised and I didn’t know that I had the capability to take good photos and videos. I could now be a photographer or a video person and could can make a living out of it. I also know that I can be adventurous attending different meetings and taking videos and pictures. I would take this workshop again and again …



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We strive to inspire and empower people to share their experiences through documentary or storytelling workshops.

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