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The Speak Trauma Foundation recognizes that trauma can destroy lives and violence, as a major source of trauma must come to an end. Our primary objective is to provide workshop training for individuals and communities to speak out through the creation of documentary and/or storytelling videos. Speak Trauma also conducts research that examines the repercussions of trauma on individuals, families and collectives.


At Speak Trauma we understand that trauma is a cultural phenomenon that is intergenerational. We seek to instruct, inspire and empower people to speak about their trauma. Finally, we provide media platforms designed to stimulate dialogue concerning trauma.


our team

Our Speak Trauma team consists of highly dedicated and skilled individuals who understand what it means to make a difference.

Susan Smith

Founder and Executive Director

Hania Al-Aiaty

Social Media Manager

Sharifa Al Badi

Communication Director


African Workshop Instructor and Translator

Zena Afara

Middle East Workshop Instructor and Visual Media

Sandy Ramzy

Creative Marketing Consultant

Nancy Kireu

African Consultant and Translator, In Loving Memory

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