SHARING experiences of trauma CHANGES Lives

The Speak Trauma Foundation aims to support those who wish to speak about trauma. In addition, The Speak Trauma Foundation provides participants with the visual skills needed to tell their stories, inspiring them to HEAL through SHARING. We also provide social media platforms that enable participants to share their stories.


SHARING stories CHANGES lives, CONFRONTS inequality, and CREATES hope.

$25 Gift

Provides travel and food expenses for PARTICIPANTS

$50 Gift

Provides travel expenses for STAFF.

$100 Gift

Provides camera and iPad EQUIPMENT

$150 Gift

Provides overall support for the documentary workshop such as supplies, expenses for staff such salaries, food and lodging.

You may also donate the amount of your choice

Gifts: No administrative fees will be deducted by the Speak Trauma Foundation. Your gift, in its entirety will go toward supporting documentary workshops throughout the world.