You have your Lebanon and I have mine.

You have your Lebanon with her problems, and I have my Lebanon with her beauty.
You have your Lebanon with all her prejudices and struggles, and I have my Lebanon with all her dreams and securities.

Your Lebanon is a political knot, a national dilemma, a place of conflict and deception. My Lebanon is a place of beauty and dreams of enchanting valleys and splendid mountains.
Your Lebanon is inhabited by functionaries, officers, politicians, committees, and factions. My Lebanon is for peasants, shepherds, young boys and girls, parents and poets.

Your Lebanon is empty and fleeting, whereas My Lebanon will endure forever.

– Gibran Kahlil Gibran, “The Eye of the Prophet” 1920


Lebanon is still healing from the trauma it had to endure for years and years. It is something we easily forget given the last year we had to face with uncertainty due to the 2020 COVID global pandemic that put the entire world in lockdowns. We feared for our future while the people of Lebanon had to constantly fear for their life, we worried about our travel plans while the people of Lebanon worried about their next meal. We panicked about having #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) while the people of Lebanon panicked about the possibility of another tragedy. 

Lebanon needs us and the people off Lebanon deserve to have all of their stories heard over and over again. The ST team is planning on going to Lebanon in 2021 to host a documentary workshop for those in need, who want more than just sympathy and alms. They want to speak out and share their story with the world. 

May their stories echo throughout and may Lebanon rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.

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