We care about you beirut


“Lebanon is an important beauty cultural heritage for this region and the world, and if Lebanon didn’t exist, then it is our duty to create it.” -Nizar Qabbani

If you thought you had a bad year, Lebanon had quite the 2020. Political discomfort, an economy barely hanging they also had to face the COVID pandemic with little resources. But what happened on August 2020 shook the whole world. The port blast was a tragedy the country had to face on top of its other problems, people were running out of hospitals, some women were even giving birth during that time. 

 The recent unprecedented events that rocked your beauty Lebanon, will not be forgotten, we care about you Beirut, we care about you Lebanon! That is why, the Speak Trauma organization and the Azadi Project have teamed up and chosen Lebanon as the next destination. 

 In addition, the UNHCR reports that Lebanon remains the country hosting the largest number of refugees per capita that is why it is our first destination for 2021. ST and Azadi will be going as a team to work with women, children and refugees teaching them the basics of documentary making and sharing their stories. 

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